Vermont Soap Spicewood Extra Strength Organic Deodorant


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Vermont Soap’s organic deodorant was one of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards.

Spicewood smells like a light and fruity Old Spice, somewhat masculine but not overpowering.

This organic deodorant is safe, nontoxic and made from 100% organic ingredients for people with sensitive skin and for reactive bodies of all skin types.

Made from 100% organic coconut oil, cornstarch, essential oils and beeswax. Never any propylene glycol, triclosan or alcohol. This product is for people who care about their health and the health of our world.

GMO Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. Formulated for people with sensitive skin.

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut oil, organic cornstarch, organic beeswax, organic spicewood essential oil blend, organic rosemary extract.

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