Organic Products

Our owner is a certified aromatherapist and takes organic products to heart. We are proud to offer a full line of organic products from Vermont Soap. Vermont Soap is a USDA certified organic facility. In 2018 Vermont Soap began redesigning most of its product labels to include the coveted USDA Certified organic seal.

Most people realize that the term organic means a product was grown without chemicals but few realize the importance of the USDA organic certification. The USDA is primarily responsible for ensuring FOOD safety. When a product is USDA certified organic, that means it is organic enough TO EAT. The product is certified to food standards, not cosmetic standards.

Since the USDA is primarily concerned with food safety, it has little time or resources to regulate the usage of the term organic. We say this for good cause. There are a lot of companies offering organic products that are not USDA certified. Almost none of the companies operate USDA certified organic facilities. Many of the products currently being sold as organic could never be certified organic. It is not legal to buy an organic product, repackage it in another container, and advertise it as organic. The companies we’re referring to buy gallons of organic products and repackage them in their own bottles. According to the USDA definition of organic, repackaged products should not be labeled organic.

We are eternally grateful to Vermont Soap and its commitment to selling natural, plant-based products. Their shower gels, foaming hand soap, Castile liquid soap, and soap bars far outshine the commercial brands that are stuffed full of chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients.